Plenary Speakers

The Speakers are listed in chronological order according to the plenary session assigned to them.

Allan A. Martin

AAllanMartinA. Allan Martin, PhD is the teaching pastor of Younger Generation Church [], the vibrant young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Texas [USA]. Dr. Martin continues as adjunct faculty for the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, specializing in discipleship and family ministry. He and his wife, Deirdre, tour internationally, speaking about relationships as well as equipping new generations in Christian lifestyle and leadership. Along with daughter Alexa, they reside in the DFW Metroplex. A. Allan Martin, PhD is the teaching pastor of Younger Generation Church [], the vibrant young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Texas [USA].

Plenary Session 1:

Burst the Bystander Effect: Christ’s Points You Out – For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. –John 3:16-17 [NIV] Our Triune GOD has not taken a stance of reaction to or neglect of our sinful fate. Christ’s proactive rescue of humankind calls us out to engage the next generation with the urgent, heroic, good news.


Engaging Adventist Millennials: A Church Embracing Relationships – Barna Group’s recent study of Adventist Millennials [NAD] uncovered fascinating findings that impact 21st century discipleship of young adults.  In this interactive worship, explore the implications of the research and discover relevant young adult ministry applications for your context.


Japhet De Oliveira

2012Portrait_DeOliveiraJaphetJaphet J De Oliveira currently serves as Senior Pastor for Boulder Adventist Church. Located in the heart of Colorado, Boulder is listed as a close second to the least religious city in the USA. He recently served as University Chaplain at Andrews University from 12-13, leading faith development on campus for students and supporting faculty and staff. Also as Senior Pastor for the One Place community on Campus. He was an adjunct professor in youth ministry at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. He is co-founder of the One project, that focuses on Jesus’ centrality in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and has gatherings all over the world.

Japhet was married in 1995 to the former Becky Crooker (currently pursing her PhD in English Education, at the University of Western Michigan) and together they have two warrior sons – Joshua (14) and Jonah (10). “At the end of the day when I look back on my life, I want to know that I served well, played hard, that my boys and wife are proud of me and that God inspired my leadership. Honestly, what more is there?”

Plenary Session 2:

Proclaiming Jesus in a Postmodern world. Does Jesus make sense to non-believers today? Does Jesus make a difference in the believers life today?


Innovation in Gospel. What innovative practices and systems could we implement at the local Church to effect change in the name of the Gospel?

 Samuel Leonor

sam leonor

Sam Leonor loves his work as Pastor to the students and faculty of La Sierra University. He is passionate about spiritual awakening among young adults, especially college students. He loves to see them bloom into faith that is missional, growing and full of love. He devotes much of his ministry to exploring contemporary Biblical spirituality in the context of community. His ministry is marked by a call to radical faith that engages culture deeply and emphasizes justice. His other interests include making music, traveling, history and good food. Sam was raised in Central America where his parents were part of developing church and health care missions. He has degrees from Southern Adventist University, Andrews University, and is a doctoral candidate at George Fox University. He is married to Shelley Campbell. They have two children, Alexandra (born in 2000), and a son, Micah (born in 2003).

Plenary Session 3:

Compelled by Love: The Work of Reconciliation as a Proclamation of the Gospel – Jesus calls us to a radical way of life that will reveal Him to the world as more than a beloved yet remote savior. Those who believe in Him and His claims can affect profound change in our communities


Love in Transition: The romantic and sexual attitudes of young adults – An exploration of young adult attitudes towards marriage, sex, and relationships. Are the church’s positions on purity, love and marriage still applicable? How can the church and its leaders remain engaged, relevant and helpful on this issue while fulfilling our mission to proclaim the Gospel?



Ty Gibson

ty-gibson-squareTy is Co-director of Light Bearers, an international publishing and media ministry that provides shipments of gospel literature to the church in developing countries. A passionate communicator with a message that opens minds and moves hearts, Ty teaches around the world on a variety of topics, emphasizing the unfailing love of God as central to the biblical narrative. His most recent creative work is the web-based video project,, offering short, story-based messages for searching unbelievers. He has authored eight books, including his most recent best-selling release, A God Named Desire. Ty is in love with a girl named Sue. They have three adult children—Amber, Jason and Leah, and two grandchildren—Mason and Austin

Plenary Session 4:

A Picture To Paint. Adventism exist for the singular purpose of painting the most beautiful picture of God’s character the world has ever seen since the incarnation of Jesus. The doctrines we hold as a people are just so many colors, which, properly composed on the canvas with Jesus at the center, offer a portrait of who God is. He is attractive enough to draw the world to Himself. All we need to do is paint the picture and step aside.


A Story To Tell. What is the core message of the Bible? Once we discover the answer to this question we have opened the secret that will motivate and mobilize our youth, as well as revolutionize our world. Hint: the Bible is not a propositional list of doctrinal facts, but rather a dynamic, interactive story pervaded with the reality of God’s faithful love.


Karsten Stank

Karsten Stank

After his theology studies on Seminar Marienhöhe in Darmstadt, Karsten started his pastoral ministry in Hanover in northern Germany in 1994. Since than he has served as a pastor in different church contexts in Lower Saxony and Bremen. In 2007 he was called to build up an „Adventist Familiy Ministry“ – department in the Lower Saxonian Conference. He also works as a Systemic Family Therapist with families, couples and individuals. Karsten is married to Rachel since 1996. They have two wonderful daughters (13y and 9y). Thus the intergenerational context is his daily bread. Besides his family, theology and psychology Karsten loves jazz, making music and soccer.

Plenary Session 5:

„Curiously joined along our way“ – Intergenerational Community as Proclamation of the Gospel – I am still the boy I used to be many years ago. Your are still the girl, you have been. Intergenerational community with all it´s personal experience, communication and personality is a part of our DNA. We have all been brought up living in families or other groups, mixed with many people of different ages. Let us explore the immense power of a God who never stops creating and moving forward by revealing his spirit to ALL of us (Joel 3:1-2). Intergenerational community keeps us alive and fresh, always in motion. Believers of any age and cultural background hand in hand on a pilgramige through live. „Born of the spirit“, like Jesus says in John 3:8, loving God by loving each other and serving the world. God is still talking and we respond in our own personal way from within our peer-group building bridges to others and thus contribute valuable perspectives to the whole. This makes the church as God’s Family the best relational environment for the transmission of faith.


„I see it this way, how do you see it?“ – towards a relationship-oriented attitude in counseling – Description: We discribe and interpret „reality“ through our own subjective glasses. Whenever we argue or discuss a topic we try to bring together our personal „realities“. Sometimes we have a hard time understanding, why others do not take our opinion, because we are so sure to be „right“. This is true for relationships as much as church topics and it comes along with interesting tensions und challenges. Starting with the story of Jesus, the Pharisees and the woman in John 8:1-11 we will train some very helpful attitudes of a systemic and solution focused way of meeting people in our personal contexts or in a counseling setting. We will see how good it is to understand ourselves and others from the viewpoint of „in relation“. This opens us up for the „value“, in everyone and everything. And we all bring together what we have to a new common whole.


Gilbert Cangy

Gilbert Cangy

Gilbert Cangy, originally from Mauritius, studied and graduated from Avondale College (Australia) in 1987 and pastored in Victoria and Sydney, before being appointed as the Director for Youth Ministries for the South Pacific Division. In 2010, he was called to be the General Conference Youth Director. Gilbert obtained a Masters in Youth Ministry from La Sierra University. Gilbert is married to Rosemary and they have a son and a daughter. He has an interest in all sports, particularly soccer and loves music. His secret ambition is to see youth take hold of the mission of the church and stand up as a global movement for Jesus to bring hope and meaning to our hopeless world.

Sabbath Worship

Gilbert Cangy will lead us in a special Communion Service!


Transitioning From Membership to Discipleship… the indispensable Shift in Youth Ministry – While the centrality of the Scriptures in the life of our Church is highly valued, our ecclesiastical culture tends to inadvertently produce an informed and conformed people, that is not necessarily transformed. This workshop will explore the underlying reasons for this dissonance and will propose a corrective for a new generation of Seventh-day Adventist young adults. We will discuss how the Church’s early beginnings shaped our self-understanding, mission, and character and how our emphasis on eschatology, in as good as they are, has inadvertently resulted in a neglect of the present blessings and responsibilities of the Kingdom of God. We will review the inextricable links between Kingdom, Spirit and Discipleship. This workshop is only for the brave hearts.

Dejan Stojkovic


Dejan Stojkovic was born in Kragujevac, Serbia. He finished his primary and secondary education in post-communist Serbia, interrupted a few times with the ugliness of wars that struck this region. He came to England in 2001 to study theology and he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Newbold College. Here he started a student-led worship service ‘Experience’. Dejan has served as a youth pastor at Stanborough Park Church where he established the Parallel Service as an outreach and reclamation ministry for youth and young adults. Dejan is now serving as a Director for Teen’s Ministry, AVS and Chaplaincy at the South England Conference. Dejan got married to Deana in 2010. They very recently moved into their first home on a canal boat on the Grand Union canal in England. Dejan’s mission in life is very simple and that is preparing young people for the second coming of Jesus.

Plenary Session 6:

Super Heroes. In Mark 2:23-26, we learn about identity that God is giving us. Identity of heroes that can make a difference in post Christian Europe. It is call to for us to accept it and make a difference by evangelising in our small corner.


Fan or Follower – Being a son of a pastor lulled me into believing that I was a true follower of Christ until one day I was standing in front of a poster of my favourite basketball player, Michael Jordan, and I caught myself saying: ‘I love you, Jordan.’ Who wouldn’t, the man could fly! That got me worried as I could say exactly the same thing looking at the picture of Jesus.
In the 21st century, is there a difference between fans or followers of Christ? This workshop is a spiritual self-check for all of us, because in order to make a difference in our churches, conferences, unions and beyond, we have to be true followers of Jesus Christ.

Seminar Speakers

The speakers appear here in alphabetical order.

Petr Cincala


Upon 14 years of missionary and outreach work in the Czech Republic, Petr presently works at Andrews University as the Director of Institute of Church Ministry and assistant professor for the Mission Department in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. Petr cofounded an Outreach Center in Liberec, Czech Republic in 2005 (, planted a church in Liberec/Jablonec (, has worked for years with youth as lecturer, coach and counselor. Petr is married to Daniela, they have four kids (Timothy 19, Jonathan and Nathanael 17, Matthew 3) and live in Berrien Springs Michigan.

Workshop 1:

Working Among Atheist People. Report from the field on community organizing, various ways of doing outreach, church planting. Discussion on the importance of text, context and methodology, how does it connect, what works and what not.

Workshop 2:

Transmission of Beliefs and Values to younger generation(s). Report based on previous as well as recent research among the Adventist Youth, space for discussion and brainstorming on how to win young people for Christ and have them actively participate in the church.

Sven Fockner

Bibellesen Flugaufnahmen tag

Sven Fockner was born in Germany and studied theology and philosophy in Germany, Austria and the United States. Currently he is working at the EUD Media Center “Stimme der Hoffnung”. He is married to Judith, who is also a pastor. Together they have two sons age three and five. Back in the days when he had hobbies instead of kids, he liked reading and outdoor activities like climbing or hiking.


Story telling in Youth Ministry –  The ARNION TV-Series is an existential and narrative approach to the book of Revelation. It is aimed especially at younger audiences and is being well received all over the world. Usually the last book of the Bible is seen as difficult, incoherent or even incomprehensible. Yet through the combination of visual story telling with an existential point of view, ARNION manages to serve as a stepping stone into the world of the Apocalypse. By limiting themselves to three protagonists and a continuous storyline, Judith and Sven—the authors of the series and speakers of the German version—captured their audience and conveyed the grand themes of the book of revelation. This workshop will take the series as a model for engaging younger listeners. What lessons can be learned for those involved in Youth Ministry on the church level or within the administration? What can biblical teaching and preaching look like in the 21st century?

 Denise Hochstrasser & Doris Lumpi


Doris Lumpi1

Denise Hochstrasser lives in Switzerland, is married and mother of 3 grown up daughters. After her education in business she spent several years at Newbold College, England where she supported her husband in his theology studies. After his early death, she engaged in Ministry for women and is now Women’s Ministries Director at the General Conference, Euro-Africa Division. Her favourite topic is Mentoring and promotion of women, especially young women.

Doris Lumpi is married and the mother of two daughters. She works as a nurse. Since the last two years Doris is part of the Girls4Chirst-Team in Austria. Her husband is the chaplain at the Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen and both share a passion for children and youth.


Girls4Christ – Mentoring Girls and Young Women in Small Groups.

 Simret Mahary

Simret Bild 1

Simret studied Theology in Bogenhofen (Austria) and in Friedensau (Germany). His passion lies in nurturing cultural dialogue and in exploring on how biblical and Adventist faith relates to people today. Besides ministering as a local Pastor, Simret is currently launching a project which seeks new ways in reaching out to and conversing with postmodern people in the diverse city of Frankfurt am Main.

Workshop 1:

Different Religions. Same God? My Muslim friend and I. How shall we perceive people of other religions? Do different religious paths ultimately lead to the same goal? Do Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, Jews, Christians and people of other faith traditions ultimately believe in the same God even though they express it differently based on their respective cultures and histories? How shall I perceive my friend who has a different religion? As one who is living in darkness? As one who is partially living in the light? Or as one who is in the light, but only differently than I am? In this workshop we will discover how we can perceive people of other religions in the light of the Bible.

Workshop 2:

Adventism Meets Postmodernism. Letting the Bible speak into our times. Adventist pioneers spoke into the lives of the people of their times. How can we let the Bible speak into lives of people today? In this workshop we will discover how the Bible relates to us and our contemporary friends in deeply meaningful ways. We will do so by appreciating the beauty of the Bible as literature and seeing how it describes our human condition in real and authentic ways. We will discover what it means to live truly rather than to having ‘truth’ and experience what it means to be part of something greater than our individual lives. And finally, we will join our voices with people of all times in longing for His Kingdom to come.

 Jiwan Moon

Jiwan S. MoonThird generation Adventist minister & son of the first missionary sent by the Seventh- day Adventist Church Korean Union, Jiwan grew up in the mission field, as a product of multiculturalism. He brings 20 years of experience as a youth & young adult ministry/chaplaincy specialization. He is married to Jessica (school teacher who speaks four languages: English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish) and the proud father of three beautiful daughters Hannah, Rebecca Anna, and Isabella Jinah.


“The Theology of FOLLOW ME Mentoring & Discipleship” – “Learning what it means to follow Jesus and become His true followers/disciples.  The Theology of FOLLOW ME Mentoring & Discipleship lecture series will help you develop and understand a biblical foundation for mentoring & discipleship.  This course will help you understand Jewish system of education and the importance of mentoring & discipleship.  This lecture will inspire you and motivate you to become Jesus’ true followers and also motive/compel you to go and make disciples for Christ’s sake.  Come, let us Follow Jesus as we respond to His invitation ‘Come, FOLLOW ME!’ “

Liviu Olteanu


Liviu Olteanu is serving as EUD Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty at the EUD, he is the Secretary General of the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty (AIDLR), observer & permanent representative at the United Nations, Council of Europe, European Parliament, OSCE. He is editor in chief of the „Conscience & Liberty“ magazine, founder & director of the „Liberty today-Trends & Attitudes“. Liviu Olteanu was born in Brasov Romania, is a Spanish citizen and have been pastor in Romania and Spain, director of Ethnic Communities in the Spanish Union and lawyer in Madrid Bar. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in law, a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in theology, a master’s degree in education, the title of Expert in human rights, a degree in diplomatic and international studies, a diploma of Advanced Studies in Law, and recently he finished his Doctorate in Law on “United Nations & Diplomacy in Action for the Protection of Religious Liberty”. Liviu Olteanu is married and has three children.


Liberty today- Is it in Danger? An Approach on Trends & Attitudes. (Part I). Youth – Ambassadors of True Tolerance and Liberty (Part II) – Keeping us better informed and trained, and helping others to be ready for Jesus’ coming, on the one hand looking to the life of the church, and on the other to the signs of the times, but always with vigilance and respect, and from the perspective of liberty, unity, prophecy and hope; our past in review – what we’ve learned? Young People – Efficient diplomats focusing in liberty and respect for differences; education in values; how can be shape our commitment on tolerance, liberty and religious liberty; meanings of freedom and objectives of religious freedom; practical functions and efficient methods of youth’ diplomacy; “who do I like to have as my neighbor”?

Mike Ostrovljanovic

Mike_OstrovljanovicMike Ostrovljanovic was born in Vienna, Austria and studied theology and Media Practice in England. He worked as a youth pastor in Finland, taught Media at Middle East University, Lebanon and is now working at the EUD Media Center “Stimme der Hoffnung”. He is married to Marjukka who is from Finland and also a pastor. They have two children, a boy and a girl, at the age of 4 and 1,5. Mike loves Kitesurfing, flying RC Quadcopter and Volleyball additional to all things related to digital Media.


Media Evangelism Academy – ‘The answer to “Who’s influencing the Church today?” is the same as “Who’s influencing the culture?” It’s the media. That’s why our challenge today is how to express our faith in a media-dominated culture.’ (Phil Cooke)
The first part of this workshop will address the question how to utilize media in Christian worship services and evangelism. Is everything which is possible also wise? Or should we sometimes abstain from certain technological advancements and uphold traditional values and the identity of being called to be different than the world? Is it worth to invest large amounts of money into media as a tool for evangelism? Does it provide results comparable to the traditional ways of evangelism?
The second part of this workshop will focus on a model project. The “Media Evangelism Academy” is a joint venture between the Adventist Youth in Germany and the EUD Mediacenter “STIMME DER HOFFNUNG”. For one year young people have the opportunity to learn from media experts. Besides being educated, they are also included in the online outreach of the media center. They are working side by side with Media Pastors. Through this experience they are being prepared for the development of Media Evangelism Strategies for their local church and their youth group.

 Miroslav Pujic

Miroslav Puijc

Miroslav Pujić began his theology education at Newbold College, England. He further attained a Master’s degree in Missiology at Fuller Theology Seminary, USA, and completed a doctorate from Andrews University, USA, specialising in the impact of postmodernism on society and its effect on evangelism. Miroslav authored the LIFEdevelopment holistic ministry and LIFEconnect social media model which includes LCTV. He has written five books and numerous articles. He and his wife, Esti, live in England and have two grown married children, Dejan and Melita. He works at the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church based in England as a director for Ministry to Postmoderns and Communication & Media Ministries.

Workshop 1:

Cultural Intelligence and Evangelism: re-imagining evangelism in a postmodern context. – We live in a time when cultural change took place so rapidly, affecting our worldview and the way we live. The trend leading today’s societal change is called postmodernism. Join us to learn more about culturally sensitive approach on how to reach postmodern people who are truly post-Christians. Re-imagining proposes a fundamental shift in our current image of evangelism. If we are to engage people in this consumer culture with the gospel message, Pujic believes that the church must get beyond “selling” the gospel.

Workshop 2:

Social Media and Evangelism: how to create a tribe of loyal disciples – Nearly 2,000 years after Jesus commanded followers to go into the entire world and make disciples, an increasing number of gospel messengers are doing their missionary travels by way of social media. We will be sharing the actual SME model and effects of relational evangelism concept on the Internet. Big concern everyone has is ‘Is this real?’ Despite the giant numbers, is this really happening?  Any real disciples, on Internet? Join us to see and experience the reality of success in Social Media Evangelism, plus to learn more abut LCTV.

Manuel Reinisch

Manuel Reinisch legerManuel studies medicine and applied ethics in Austria. Recently he started a care group in his home in order to confront his university colleagues with the simplicity of the gospel. He has a passion for reading, studying, equipping young people and ice hockey.




Simple. Small. Soon. – Do you feel stressed out? Do you hardly find time for things that really matter to you? We live in a complex world nonetheless God calls us to make simple and small steps in our daily missionary efforts – but soon. This workshop will help you to simplify and refocusing your life in two areas: your ministry and your health. In addition we will learn about ancient yet applicable biblical health principles that have been recently rediscovered by cutting edge scientific research to affirm our faith in simple biblical truth.

 Benjamin Stan

Benjamin Stan

For the past five and a half years I have been the chaplain for the Adventist Theological Institute in Cernica, Romania. Before that I worked as a chaplain for elementary and middle school, and as pastor both in Romania and U.S.A. I started my pastoral ministry in 1998 as a youth pastor and though I started to work as a pastor 9 months later, my main ministry focus has always been on youth ministry. I married Ligia 17 years ago and we have two sons Albert and Filip, both teenagers.


At the crossroads – In most cases youth leaders are voluntary workers, that have a job and a family. At the same time a successful youth ministry is built with time and effort, requiring never ending passion, ideas, love, resources and… (yeah, not enough room here). If you are like me (did you ever think that you are the worst youth leader in the world), than you understand the need for a breath of fresh air, just enough to help you hang in there one more… Our time together will be spent remembering the importance of our role, but more importantly the importance of involving God and His word in our ministry all this while receiving a few ideas on how to bring the Word of God to life before His youth.

 László Szabó


László Szabó is currently responsible for the department of mission studies at Friedensau Adventist University. He was born in Hungary, studied theology in Germany, worked as missionary in Tanzania and as pastor, lecturer and departmental leader in Hungary. His passion is researching about the development of the society and church, discovering and designing new ways for presenting the gospel and training. His hobbies are filming, reading and discovering Africa. László is married to Szilvia and they have two children.

Workshop 1:

Creative learning processes in teams – in order young people experience and decide for Gods kingdom – Not the church, but music, friendship, sex – these are the priority interest areas of young people according to recent research. Church life appears with its cognitive learning processes and high expectations often old-fashioned and less fascinating. Instead of complaining it is better to

  • Discover real needs of the youth beyond the surface – you will get to know in this workshop what recent research tells us about it.
  • Learn how to avoid cognitive overloading and design different learning styles and address different senses in order to present God’s kingdom powerfully.
  • Find out ways for creating an environment where your youth experiences God’s kingdom event today.
  • And build small teams, groups or whatever not just for entertaining young people but winning them for Christ.

The content of this workshop is based upon research (you will see facts), proofed in the praxis (you will get concepts and practical ideas) and makes also your ministry a bit easier.

Workshop 2:

Expectations black and white – a study about the conversion of young people – It is better to know than to think. If you just think what young people experience and expect in the church, it is difficult to answer their questions – because you might not have heard them yet.  You offer care and support – but maybe they expect something else. You design programs – but there is no evaluation of the previous one. Recent SDA surveys in some European countries help us in this workshop to know a bit more about trends, challenges, expectations related to the spiritual growth of Adventist young people: Conversion study (914 participants out of 8 local conferences) analyzed how people decide for baptism, what do they value and what not in our church, what kind of leadership they are ready to follow, which expectations need more attentions and what they advice us to focus on more carefully than before. Demographic studies presents some specific aspects of the situation our youth is facing within the denomination. The data analysis will be focused upon SDA young people. You will discover some focus areas in your ministry.

 Winfried Vogel


Born and raised in Berlin. University Entrance Diploma from Marienhöhe Secondary School, Darmstadt, Germany. Internship in Nursing in Switzerland. Studies in theology in England, Germany and USA graduating with Doctor of Theology. Pastoring and lecturing at different colleges in Germany, Austria and Romania. Currently editor-producer for HOPE Channel (TV and radio) at the European Media Center in Alsbach, Germany. Married to Gaby, three grown sons.


Workshop 1:

Better faith – Better Witness – Adventist doctrine is based on a systematic collection of bible texts on certain topics. These we share with others in order to convince them of the truth. God does it entirely different! He wins us over by meeting us in person and by telling stories, and he wins our affections. This creates better faith. This workshop is geared towards a new approach to biblical faith and to authentic witness.

Workshop 2:

To Forgive As God Forgives. Forgiveness is God’s own initiative, and it brings phenomenal freedom. We humans have a hard time to forgive others as well as ourselves, but we are able to learn. Then our relationships with friends, spouses, and in youth groups and churches have a better chance for survival. This stimulates to share our own experience of forgiveness with others and to show them what the Gospel is all about.This workshop not only explains what forgiveness is all about but provides practical advice how it can work.

Jeremy Zwiker


Jeremy Zwiker (26) is a much appreciated, dynamic leader with a clearly expressed vision for mission. He has a burden for young people to be trained to join the army of lifetime workers for God. With inspiring messages genuinely conveyed through words and example, he communicates well with people in all age groups. Jeremy is leading the Granheim foundation in Norway and the President of IMPACT Norway.



IMPACT Your Territory for Christ. How to Run an IMPACT Mission Trip IMPACT generation is a growing and dynamic youth-lay movement in Europe. In 2009 God raised up this movement in Norway. Since then IMPACT chapters have started in Sweden, Latvia, Denmark, Romania, Austria, Finland and Spain. Empowered by the Spirit, IMPACT seeks to Inspire Members to Proclaim the Advent of Christ Together – in this generation. Come – be inspired and learn how you can start an IMPACT chapter and run an IMPACT mission trip where you live.