Standard Fee

close-up-foto-von-100-euro-scheinThe Standard Price for the Youth Ministry Convention is €100


Please note: Since this is an official training event of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Division and the Unions financially support the Convention. The Standard Price is already a reduced price. Therefore there is no reduction for participants that organize their accommodation themselves. See also “Lodging”.



The Price is all inclusive and covers:

– Registration Fee
– Accommodation in a shared room at Schönblick (for more info check “Travel & Lodging”)
– Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
– Congress Documentation
– PULSEmeet Book
– Snacks during Breaks
– Give-aways


Sponsored Fee


Participants of the following Union receive an additional 50% price reduction and pay only €50 for the whole Congress Package (all inclusive, see above):




This Price is possible since in addition to the church support there are Sponsors who support participants of the respective countries/Unions. Not only do they have higher travel costs than most of the participants coming from other Unions of the EUD but they also are generally faced with a more difficult economic situation.


Additional Support

Since the PULSEmeet Youth Ministry Convention is an official training event, you may receive further support from your local church or from your church district or Conference. It is possible that the youth budget also includes the continuing education or further training of the youth leader(s).

Especially if you are a youth leader or a member of a youth ministry team, you may ask your pastor, resp. church board to additionally fund your travel expenses etc.

Maybe there are also some church members that are willing to support you.


SDA Employees & Non-EUD’s


No reduction of the Congress Fee is granted for all employees of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and for Non-EUD participants. Furthermore the standard fee of €100.- is subsidized by the EUD for EUD participants.

The Regular price for the PULSEmeet for employees and Non-EUD’s is €150.

This includes the congress fee, documentation, material and food.

Employees can charge their expenses through their work report.

Payment modalities will be given upon inscription.

NON-EUD Participants: Please use the English application form to register – see section “Application Form”


Please note: Self organized accommodation does not reduce the Convention Fee. We will accommodate most of the young people and youth leaders at Schönblick. There is no further reduction possible with the exception of the above 50% reduction for people from the respective Unions/Countries.